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    Smart Solutions
    Smart learning solutions to better productivity and customer experience.
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    Innovating Learning
    Innovative learning solutions to advance education.
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    A Unique Approach
    Enhance all aspects of education in and beyond the classroom.

Who we are

AMG Technology is a leading provider of software solutions in the USA that was founded on the principles of innovation. We seek to provide innovative and smart solutions in every aspect of our business. We represent unique innovative solutions that impress and are easy to use and understand.


AMG strives to exploit the benefits of technology to enhance education and improve learning results by providing innovative solutions that suit modern methods of learning. .


AMG envisions a future in which educational institutions and organizations reap the benefits of the latest technology for a more beneficial, productive, and enjoyable learning experience for students around the world.


AMG creates and develops innovative solutions, acquires innovative startups, and builds partnerships and alliances with other companies to pursue its mission.
  • Developing Innovative Solutions

    Through continuous research and the exploitation of advanced technology, AMG creates and develops innovative solutions in the field of education.
  • Building Partnerships and Alliances

    In today’s world, organizations must work together for greater accomplishments and breakthroughs. AMG works to build lasting partnerships and alliances with organizations around the world.
  • Acquiring Innovative Startups

    AMG seeks startups whose solutions and services are aligned with its goals and vision to accelerate advancements in educational technology.

Our Solutions


Skolera is a Unified Learning Platform that utilizes the latest educational approaches and technology. It’s structured to provide a base on which you can drive a comprehensive academic and administrative operation for managing K-12 education institutions.
  • Ease of Use

    Skolera assists teachers in creating curriculum content, assignments and quizzes with its ease of use and flexibility.
  • Gamification

    Skolera is designed to help motivate students via gamified learning to work hard with badges that acknowledge their achievements.
  • User-Oriented

    Skolera is designed to fit each user’s needs and requirements, providing a truly user-oriented experience
  • Unified Learning Platform

    Skolera is a Unified Learning Platform that encompasses both a Learning and a School Management System that help organize and manage the educational and managerial aspects of school management.
Qorrect is more than an item bank. It is a comprehensive assessment solution designed to streamline and enhance your organization’s assessment process. With a vast variety of item creation and repository options, and numerous analytical tools and reporting features, Qorrect will provide you with an improved way of assessment.
  • Flexible

    Flexible functions for systemized management of the test authoring processes.

  • Online and Offline

    Create and administer exams online, or simplify and streamline the offline exam process with OMR software.
  • Reporting and Analytical Tools

    Wide variety of reporting and analytical tools to assist teachers and instructors in education-related decision making.
  • Protection and Security

    Protection and security through several of its features including role-based security, encryption, data verification and validation, and data maintenance
Praxilabs was created to provide educational institutions around the world with a cost effective, innovative, and immersive solution to their science lab needs. The 3D virtual lab solution provides students with access to realistic biology, chemistry, and physics labs and enriches their understanding with a variety of informational and educational content to enhance their understanding and learning.
  • 3D Virtual Experience

    A realistic, virtual, 3D scientific simulation that enhances the students’ understanding of the material they learned, with a variety of educational content that fit each learner’s style.
  • Personalized Learning

    Personalizes the learning experience for each user based on his/her performance and interaction with the material.
  • Cost Effective

    Less expensive and more cost effective to maintain than physical labs and lab resources.

  • Compatible

    Compatible with common modern platforms and can be accessed virtually anywhere, so your virtual lab goes wherever you take it.

Join Us

AMG’s portfolio of innovative educational solutions continues to grow with distributors and partners around the world. Join us in delivering tomorrow’s educational technology today.


Recents News

Skolera Awards

Skolera’s commitment to provide the best possible experience for all its users has been tested and recognized by the independent review platform FinancesOnline.

FinancesOnline grants the Great User Experience Award to “products that offer especially good user experience” based on “how easy it is to start using the product and how well-designed its interface and features are to facilitate the work process.”

Skolera has also received the Rising Star Award from FinancesOnline. The award, which recognizes recently launched products that “are already getting good traction with the customers and are viewed as services that are really efficient,” further confirms Skolera’s effectiveness and outstanding customer experience.

Introducing Qorrect: Beyond Assessment

AMG is proud to announce the latest development in its assessment and item banking solution, Qorrect. Qorrect provides schools and institutions with a flexible and innovative assessment solution, covering everything from item authoring and exam creation, to exam data security, reports, and analyses.

AMG has been fine tuning Qorrect’s user interface to provide its users with a productive and streamlined experience and enhanced usability and productivity. Qorrect is just one of AMG’s innovative educational solutions.

PraxiLabs: A Virtual World of Science

AMG understands the negative effects lab costs can have on the learning potential and experience of students. With PraxiLabs, students gain access to a virtual lab to test out the experiments for themselves.

AMG is currently creating a larger library of experiments in the fields of biology, chemistry, and physics. And, in addition to the virtual experiments themselves, AMG is also developing ebooks and videos that provide students with explanations and additional information on the topics they’ve learned.

User experience is a crucial factor in enhancing understanding and interaction, and AMG has also improved PraxiLabs’ interface for a better experience.


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